AMANDO DE OSSORIO WEEK: Tomb of the Pistolero (1964)

Not the first film Amando de Ossorio would make — that would be Lan Bandera Negra, a short political movie — Tomb of the Pistolero AKA Grave of the Gunfighter is about Tom Bogard (Jorge Martín) looking for the killer of his brother in the mining town of Carson City.

This feels like it has one boot in the old American westerns — indeed, one character is named Hopalong Tennessee — and the other in the new world of the Italian cowboy film. In fact, it was filmed in the same Spanish Western town as A Fistful of Dollars, a movie that would change Westerns around the world that came out the same year as this movie.

Salloon singer Taffy is played by Silvia Solar, who starred with Paul Naschy in Night of the Howling Beast and also shows up in Eyeball. Of course, Jack Taylor is in this. What actor has crossed over into so many genre subfilms? He’s in Mexican horror (The Curse of Nostradamus), lucha movies (Neutron, the Man in the Black Mask), the films of Jess Franco (so many), giallo (The Killer is One of ThirteenAutopsy), slashers (Edge of the Axe) and so much more.

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