AMANDO DE OSSORIO WEEK: Hudson River Massacre (1965)

Sure, the Canadian Mounties are all using modern revolvers, but let’s just enjoy this pre-Italian Western made in Spain by future Blind Dead creator Amando de Ossorio, the story of the Hudson Bay area. All of this land was owned by the fur trading Hudson Bay Company who was opposed by the indigenous people of the region who found themselves working with French trappers to battle big business and the British empire. James Sullivan (Santiago Rivero) is the man the company hires to put a stop to these people and keep the money flowing. The rebels are led by Leo Limoux (Franco Fantasia) and the film’s hero, Victor DeFrois (George Martin), tries to stay out of things until Sullivan kills his brother.

That’s when a plan is made to kidnap Sullivan’s daughter Ann (Giulia Rubini) and, of course, she falls in love with Victor and he with her. Diana Lorys is also in this as a saloon girl and Pamela Tudor as Swa, Limoux’s lover.

Also known as Canadian Wilderness and Rebels In Canada, the actual Hudson River area is in New York, not Canada, but that’s OK. This is more swashbuckling adventure than Western, so we can forgive so much. The locations are great, the action is good, the leads are gorgeous and the end has about a hundred people get killed.

De Ossorio only made two Westerns and I kind of like them both!

You can watch this on Tubi.

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