The Important Cinema Club’s Super Scary Movie Challenge (2022 Edition)

I made it! Here’s a recap of everything I watched during The Important Cinema Club’s Super Scary Movie Challenge. You can also check out the Letterboxd list.

  1. A Horror Film Seemingly For Kids. That’s Way Too Scary For Kids: Ernest Scared Stupid
  2. Horror Film Featuring Non-Avian Dinosaurs and Mesozoic Reptiles: Dinosaur from the Deep
  3. An Egyptian Horror Film: Real Dreams
  4. A Horror Film Released by SRS Cinema: House Squatch
  5. A Horror Film Directed by a Fine Artist: Office Killer
  6. A Horror Film That Takes Place In One Room (No CUBEs): Coherence
  7. An Action Film That’s Secretly a Horror Film: Night Watch
  8. A Film Made After 1989 that features a Mummy but not Brendan Fraser or Tom Cruise: Prisoners of the Sun
  9. A Horror Film Directed by Jeff Leroy: Furious Road
  10. A Horror Film Scored by Paul Zaza: The Pink Chiquitas
  11. A Thai Horror Film: Sick Nurses
  12. A Horror Film Written by Nigel Kneale: The Stone Tape
  13. A Horror Film That Takes Place at a fair, Carnival or Amusement Par: Carnival of Blood
  14. A Horror Film About Killer Insects (No Bigger than Humans): The Nest
  15. A Horror Film with Special Effects by Olaf Ittenbach: Premutos: The Fallen Angel
  16. A Horror Film Featuring Caroline Munro: The Last Horror Film
  17. A Horror Film From the Hong Kong New Wave (1979-1984): We’re Going To Eat You
  18. Death March Horror Film (A group of people go on a trip and slowly get killed one by one, but keep moving): Triangle
  19. A Musical Horror Film (That’s not Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors, or Nightmare Before
    Christmas): The Lure
  20. A Horror Film That Features Testicular Trauma: The Blood Spattered Bride
  21. A Horror Film That’s Shot on Mini-DV (But is not a found footage film): Visitor Q
  22. A Horror Film That Michele Soavi Appears In: Day of the Cobra
  23. A Horror Film Based on an Indie Comic Book (EC Comics adaptions don’t count): G-Men From Hell
  24. A Horror Film About an Invisible Killer: The Invisible Maniac
  25. A Horror Film That Prominently Features A Gorilla Costume: Gorilla At Large
  26. A Horror Film Released By Gold Ninja Video: Killer Queen
  27. A Horror Film by a Director who made more than three movies but only made one horror film. (Not THE SHINING. You can be more creative than that!): Near Dark
  28. A Horror Film That Runs on Dream Logic: Eyes Wide Shut
  29. A Horror Film Shot by Tokushö Kikumura: Crazy Lips
  30. A Horror Film Covered in the ShockMarathons Books (See Letterbox For a List): Curse of the Screaming Dead
  31. A Horror Film You Love, But Don’t Think Enough People Watch: Frankenstein ’80

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