DAY 4: A Horror Film Released by SRS Cinema.

Directed by Anthony and Mark Polonia from a script by Mark and Aaron Drake, this movie takes place in Shadyville, which has a new resident, the House Squatch, which is, well, squatting in a home that’s for sale. That means that a real estate firm is going to use their money-based power to strong arm the police into sending the creature back to where he came.

Just so you know, Pennsylvania contains multitudes. So while this and Suburban Sasquatch were both shot in my home state, Wellsboro and West Chester are 194 miles apart. Somehow, both of these movies have a Bigfoot that has interdimensional powers that operates in the non-urban neighborhoods of the Keystone State.

So we end up with a sheriff (Ken Van Sant) and a Sasquatch hunter (Jeff Kirkendall) searching the cul de sacs of a small town hunting for the hairy ape that is bedeviling them all. Hopefully that laser gun will come in handy.

The Polonias said that this movie was “the first in our series of “House” meets “Monster” themed movies follow our hugely successful House Shark.” I can’t wait to see what weirdness they figure out next.

You can get this from SRS or watch it on Tubi.

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