9. A Film Directed by Jeff Leroy.

With movies named Rat Scratch FeverFrankenstein in a Women’ Prison and Giantess Attack, Jeff Leroy knows that some of the battle is fought when you name your movie.

Also known as Grand Auto Theft: L.A. — a title that is pretty good you know? — this takes a Mad Max-style name to tell the story of the Calles de Infierno neighborhood in L.A., a place where a gang of women is trying to get rich or die trying. But to get there, they have to fight other gangs, the cops, a vigilante and even one another.

Vixen, Sarita, Kandy, Electra and Katie sell drugs, sure, but their drugs don’t kill people. So they decide to kill — well, Vixen decides to — kill Kane, the dealer behind it, only to learn that he has another boss Andre. But the real boss selling this Death Meth is The Phantom. Or The Shadow. Who knows, the movie bounces around a lot and has cut scenes to look like, yes, a video game.

Also: a band called the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns have two songs in this and they play more than once. It is rockabilly. In a movie about street gangs.

Jeff Leroy also knows that you need a nice looking piece of art. He did that twice, once for each title.

Women, drugs and violence all sell. This movie is proof yet again.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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