Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison (2017)

I mean, if we can have Dracula in a Women’s Prison and Werewolf in a Women’s Prison, I guess we can have this. Jeff LeRoy also made Giantess Attack vs. Mecha Fembot, so keep in mind that you aren’t getting a movie you can discuss with anyone normal out of this.

Victoria Frankenstein (Tasha Tacosa, who was also in LeRoy’s Predator World and Giantess Attack, which is a different movie than the one above) has taken over a prison and thanks to the bloody riot that just happened, she has a whole bunch of new bodies to experiment on. There’s also a reality show trying to expose all the human rights abuses, but are you coming to something with this title with anything other than hopes of shower scenes with bolts in nubile necks?

Victoria De Mare, Betty Boop from the Killjoy movies, is in this. So is Elissa Dowling from We Are Still Here and Girl on the Third Floor. And several others, like Diana Solis, Maggie Sanchez, Li Zheng and Carissa White appear in more than a few LeRoy movies. And hey — that’s Jin N. Tonic — playing Kat in this — who was Lilith in Amityville Vampire.

Truly, I have seen too many movies.

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