11. A Thai Horror Film.

Life is cheap and Dr. Tar and his seven nurses have been sellingbodies on the black market, a scam that just might fall apart when he has an affair on one of the nurses with her sister. That girl, Tahwaan, tries to call the cops and gets killed by the doctor and other six caregivers, ending with her on dry ice in a black garbage bag.

All of the women have their own obsessions which Tahwaan uses to kill them, including a scene where a purse gets sewn to someone’s neck. Dr. Tar was totally into this scheme to kill off his staff and it turns out that — are you ready for this spoiler? — the dead girl was once a boy and she had a sex change to marry the doctor and is reborn into our world out of her sister’s ladyparts, then asks Tar to marry her.

Yeah, Thai horror does not care at all if you’re offended.

Anyways, this looks way better than the budget would suggest and it has some interesting kills. I mean, like I said above, a full-grown woman gets born again out of her sister’s privates and if you think that’s boring, I mean, I don’t know how to entertain you.

You can watch this on Tubi.


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