Here are ten more movies you can watch on Tubi.

1. Conherence: TUBI LINK

Eight people who don’t like one another gather to play games while Miller’s Comet flies past the Earth. the lights go out except in one house which has the same eight people, watching the other house. Shot with no script and hardly a crew, this movie needs to be seen.

2. Double Walker: TUBI LINK

Directed by Colin West, who was also the cinematographer and co-writer along with producer and star Sylvie Mix, Double Walker presents a unique take on the ghost mythos in that it has A Wonderful Life edited throughout and gives us a world where when young girls die, their ghosts eventually age into young women that hunt and kill predatory men with a spoon and then drink their blood and also try to solve their own murders.

3. Stewardess School: TUBI LINK

If you put Judy Landers, Sandahl Bergman and Wendi Jo Sperber in a movie, I am going to watch it. Make it a slobs vs. snobs kind of movie? I’ll watch it twice. Maybe ten times.

4. Happy Birthday to Me: TUBI LINK

Happy Birthday to Me arrived in theaters at the height of the slasher boom, but it defies expectations. At times, it’s a giallo. At other times, it’s supernatural. And others, it’s a teen comedy. It’s also crazy that such a directorial talent made it — albeit one who was rumored to spray blood all over the set to make the film even gorier — and Glenn Ford are in a slasher!

5. The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T: TUBI LINK

Nearly every frame of this film looks like it escaped directly from the pages of one of his books. Of course, it tested horribly, which meant that nine of the musical numbers were cut from the film and never seen again. Plus, subplots were eliminated, new scenes were shot and existing scenes were rearranged. The film that its creator Dr. Seuss intended will probably never be seen. Yet what is there is absolutely mind destroying.

6. Violent Naples: TUBI LINK

The mobsters in this film are the kind of Italian movie bad guys that go from realistic to super villains by the end of the film, moving from robbing banks and taking hostages to hijacking school buses filled with children. John Saxon is one of them.

7. Meatballs Part II: TUBI LINK

It may not have Bill Murray, but it does have Misty Row from Hee Haw, John Larroquette, a pre-Pee-Wee Paul Ruebens, Jason Hervey, Elayne Boosler, Tammy Taylor (Don’t Go Near the Park), Blackie Dammit, Donald Gibb, Richard Mulligan, Kim Richards, an alien named Meathead played by Felix Silla and voiced by Archie Hann, who was one of the Juicy Fruits/Beach Bums/Undead in Phantom of the Paradise and it was directed by Ken Wiederhorn (Eyes of a StrangerShock Waves and King Frat).

8. The Fifth Cord: TUBI LINK

Director Luigi Bazzoni doesn’t have a huge list of films to his credit, but between this film, The Possessed and Footprints on the Moon, his take on the giallo form is unlike anyone else’s. This is more than a murder mystery. It’s a complex take on alienation and isolation at the end of the last century.

9. Mondo Cane: TUBI LINK

Mondo Cane predates and prepares us for the never-ending news cycle that we find ourselves in today. Yet even though it’s nearly sixty years old, it remains a rough testament. It doesn’t just show you the mud and filth, it pushes your face into it and laughs at you as you struggle to maintain your footing in the muck.

10. Welcome to Blood City: TUBI LINK

Directed by Peter Sasdy (The Lonely LadyTaste the Blood of DraculaHands of the Ripper), this film was a UK/Canadian tax shelter affair. But don’t hold that against it! Five strangers all wake up at the same time and have no memories of who they are, other than that they are all killers. They must travel to a Wild West town called Blood City. I really love this movie and don’t care how bad the transfer is.

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