Double Walker (2021)

Directed by Colin West, who was also the cinematographer and co-writer along with producer and star Sylvie Mix, Double Walker presents a unique take on the ghost mythos in that it has A Wonderful Life edited throughout and gives us a world where when young girls die, their ghosts eventually age into young women that hunt and kill predatory men with a spoon and then drink their blood and also try to solve their own murders.

The tagline says it all: She was given two choices: live one more day as a human, or live forever as a ghost. She chose the latter.

There’s a moment in this movie that totally took me aback, as the Ohio-shot snow footage began to play backward. It’s a disquieting and strange moment in the midst of a film that’s split between bloody revenge and longing for a return to life. And it’s perfect. It knocked me out and made me love everything that followed.

This movie is now playing in select movie theaters and is available on streaming movie platforms. You can learn more at the official site.

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