Deadly Blessing (1981)

Alright, I’ll admit it, while I don’t like Wes Craven, I liked this movie.

The Hittites are a religious community who “make the Amish look like swingers,” and even when people like Jim Schmidt escape it, they keep getting pulled back in. His wife Martha (Maren Jensen) is pregnant and he soon needs help from midwife Louisa Stohler (Lois Nettleton) and her daughter Faith (Lisa Hartman) but is killed by tractor before that can happen.

Also, William Gluntz (Michael Berryman) keeps calling Faith an incubus.

Martha’s friends Lana Marcus (Sharon Stone) and Vicky Anderson (Susan Buckner) come to comfort her when they should be trying to get her out of this crazy place. William gets stabbed and killed, Martha gets called an incubus by other Hittites, her husband’s brother John (Jeff East) ends up getting smitten with Vicky, Jim’s body gets dug up, blood gets in the milk and Martha has a dream where people put a spider into her mouth. Yeah — it’s a wild one.

I wish I’d not been spoiled by the end of this movie and I will not spoil it for you. It’s so incredible that even if I hadn’t liked what I watched — and how did I forget to mention Ernest Borgnine being in another religious horror movie after he supposedly never would be after The Devil’s Rain! — I would have to like the whole thing just because the ending is so perfectly unexpected. I mean, who the killer is…that’s wild. The ending after that? Producer imposed upon magic.

Also — Craven ripped himself off later with that snake in the bathtub scene.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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