KINO LORBER BLU RAY RELEASE: Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)

Also known as Island of Sister Theresa, this was the last movie that director Joseph Pevney (Man of a Thousand Faces) would make, working from a script by Gary Sherman (Dead and Buried) and Sandor Stern (The Amityville Horror).

When wealthy Gordon Duvall (Peter Lawford) uses his private plane to get Danny, one of his workers (Michael McGreevey), to the hospital, pilot Stu (Sandy McPeak) gets lost and they have to land on what they think is an uncharted and isolated island. Too bad for the men — which include Mike (Steven Keats), Wendell (Clint Walker) and J.J. (Guich Koock) —  that a crash of women and nuns years ago turned that into a place where Lizbeth (Jaime Lyn Bower) communicates with the spirit of the long-dead Sister Theresa.

With a tribe of women that includes Snow (Kathryn Daniels), Chocolate (Jayne Kennedy from Body and Soul!), Flower (Rosalind Chao), Bambi (Deborah Shelton, Sins of the Night) and Jo Jo (Susie Coelho, Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo), the normal matriarchal society moments happen — “What is a kiss?” Snow asks one of the men — and Lizbeth agrees to let the men stay if they take care of the cannibalistic headhunters that live on the island.

I mean, yes, it’s cheesy, but how magical of a world did we once live in where this kind of stuff aired on TV with no warning? We were once better.

The Kino Lorber blu ray release of this made for TV movie has a new 2K master and commentary by Made for TV Mayhem‘s Amanda Reyes and Kindertrauma co-founder Lance Vaughn. You can get it directly from Kino Lorber.

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