GREGORY DARK WEEK: Sins of the Night (1993)

Jack Nietsche (Nick Cassavetes) is an ex-con insurance investigator for Anaconda Casualty Company. He meets his boss Ted Quincy’s ex-lover Roxie (Deborah Shelton, who before she became a star on Dallas made Dangerous Cargo, a movie even rougher than this), who wants his help to kill his boss and her abusive husband Tony Falcone (Miles O’Keefe, Ator himself!).

Richard Roundtree shows up, but perhaps the real stars are the saxophone-rich music on the soundtrack, the foggy nights, the neon-lit streets burning into your eyes across VHS dubs from decades ago.

Gregory Dark started by telling us porn was dead, then created his own genre, the erotic direct to video and cable thriller, which owes a lot to giallo, but still…even the movies that he makes that aren’t perfect have some strange angle to them in some way that’s worth exploring. He claimed on an episode of The Rialto Report that he had an early memory of his mother and her friends in Las Vegas wearing heels at a hotel pool, wondering why they would do that without realizing that she was looking for a new husband. That informs so much of his work, when you think about it.

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