CANNON MONTH 2: Gas Pump Girls (1979)

It took three people to write Gas Pump Girls: director Joel Bender, who also wrote The Returning and The Immortalizer as well as editing Warrior Queen; David A. Davies, who also wrote the 1990 TV movie Buried Alive and Isaac Blech, who also wrote the songs.

June (Kirsten Baker, Friday the 13th Part 2) and her friends graduate high school and help out at the failing gas station run by June’s uncle Joe (Huntz Hall, who I was amazed that was in this; when I asked the late great Mike McPadden why, he said, “If you can get Huntz Hall and Joe E. Ross to do a few hours work in Gas Pump Girls, for example, you get them.”) and keep Mr. Friendly (Dave Shelley) from putting him out of business. Hiring her boyfriend (Dennis Bowen) and the local gang the Vultures, June works on keeping Uncle Joe’s business alive through titillating uniforms and sexy advertising.

Does this sound like Starhops to you?

The aforementioned Joe E. Ross shows up with pro wrestler Mike Mazurki as two gangsters hired to kill June, but the Vultures take care of that. Actually, the teens get through all of the challenges that Mr. Friendly throws their way and have a successful business — and plenty of sex, naturally — before college even begins.

The cast also includes the last movie role of Sandy Johnson, who was the June 1974 Playboy Playmate of the Month, but more importantly played Michael Myers’ doomed sister Judith in Halloween; Steve Bond (who did a Playgirl centerfold in October of 1975 and was in Massacre at Central High and Picasso Trigger), Ken Lerner (one of the Malachi Brothers on Happy Days) and Demetre Phillips (Stone Cold, Only You) as the Vultures; Cheech Marin’s one-time wife Rikki; Leslie King (who was Tammy in Jennifer and would later write To Die For, which starred Steve Bond); Linda Lawrence (Death Dimension) and Cousin Brucie getting to be this movie’s Wolfman Jack.

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