CANNON MONTH 2: Incoming Freshmen (1979)

Eric Lewald developed X-Men: The Animated Series, but before that he directed — with Glenn Morgan — and wrote this sex comedy that got distributed by Cannon that played drive-in double features with Gas Pump Girls.

It’s about two roommates — small-town virgin Jane (Ashley Vaughn) and promiscuous Vivian (Leslie Blalock) — as they deal with their first year of college. Also, every few moments, a woman takes her clothes off because that’s the kind of movie this is.

Shot in Knoxville, TN, this also has Georgina Harrell as Maxine “The Machine,” a woman who will look down a man’s pants and declare, “What? All meat and no potatoes?” She would parlay this experience into being in The First Turn-On!! It also has a band with goat masks, a dream sequence with pig masks and a heavy teacher called Professor L.P. Bilbo (B.M. Culpepper) who ends up gang banging with every female in the movie, including our formerly innocent protagonist Jane.

Several IMDB posters — who claim to be in the movie — say that this was shot on location by two University of Tennessee Graduate students and that Cannon added in all the sex scenes. I have no idea how they did that when the leads are in several of them, but maybe they mean the cutaways to more nudity. They also would like you to believe that the original version of this movie is a coming of age film instead a movie about coming, but this sounds like the way Christopher Lee would claim Jess Franco fooled him into being in a softcore movie and was so angry he was in several more of his movies.

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