CANNON MONTH 2: The Godfather Squad (1974)

Xiangang xiao jiao fu was released in the U.S. by Cannon as The Godfather Squad.

Cops and Interpol agents are being killed all over the world by the Carrol crime family. Wang Liu  (Bruce Leung) saves one of them in Hong Kong and gets targeted by the Carrols, who decide to make a kung fu movie in Italy and cast Wang Liu in what they hope is a snuff film.

The best part of this movie? Gordon Mitchell showing up as Carrol’s adopted son Duke, a man who still has his German army uniform. It’s wild seeing someone I knew from giallo and westerns fighting in a kung fu movie.

Shirley Corrigan (The Crimes of the Black Cat, Dr. Jekyll vs. The Werewolf) shows up, as does Maria D’Incoronato (Concorde Affaire ’79).

Big exploitation points for having the Pope appear by way of shooting him outside of a Vatican office and then using stock footage and editing to get him into the film. Also: someone gets kicked into a fireplace and I am all for that.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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