Wifelike (2022)

William, a grieving detective (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), hunts down criminals who trade artificial humans on the black market. What would we call a cop like that? A blade runner? No matter — there’s also an underground resistance trying to sabotage the business of men hiring artificial humans to be their wives, just as William programs his companion Meredith (Elena Kampouris from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2; I watched both of these movies in the same week, which gave me some level of meta whiplash) to take the place of his dead wife.

Kampouris is amazing in this as she really appears to be a robotic being; I don’t mean that as her acting is wooden. Instead, her performance gives us a true window into what robotic companions — alerting Dr. Anton LaVey from the world beyond — will be like in our tomorrow. There’s an astounding scene where she recites the manual to William, as he adjusts her command settings, intimacy level and sexual desire percentage before making love to her. It sets up how alien this coupling is.

Director and writer James Bird has some good ideas here, but instead of exploring the relationship between a widow and the mechanic woman who replaces his lost bride, this goes into a different place where AI creations are rising up against their male masters. Isn’t it better that these men are leaving women alone and basically left to their own devices?

I did love the scene where Meredith attempts some self-love and gets an access denied message that stops her. More of that thinking would have taken this film to the level it deserves to be.

Wifelike is playing in select theaters and available on digital.

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