TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Shark Side of the Moon (2022)

During the Cold War, Russians were experimenting with shark/human hybrids — go with the movie on that — but they become too powerful and a scientist named Sergey (played by Roman Chsherbakov in flashback and Ego Mikitas in the rest of the film) locks them up and flies them to the moon.

Forty years later, Commander Nicole Tress (Maxi Witrak) and her team of astronauts return the United States to the moon in time to crash land and find the human sharks have become an advanced society training to destroy the Earth. The American astronauts just want to get home and Sergey and his daughter Akula (Tania Fox) — a shark/human who looks human and a finny undersea monster — want to come with them. The sharks, led by Tzarina (Natasha Goubskaya) want to come to Earth and rule it.

Look, this is an Asylum movie — directed by Glen Campbell and Tammy Klein (Planet Dune) and written by Ryan Ebert and Anna Rasmussen (Tales of a Fifth Grade Robin Hood) — and has people with nose breathers — and no spacesuits — on the surface of the moon, shark-part weapons, ridiculous animation of the shark/humans and an ending that sets up a sequel while also probably making you upset there is one. It’s got an amazingly creative title and a decent idea, but doesn’t push itself to be any stranger or better after that, which is a shame.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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