CANNON MONTH 2: Ha-Timhoni (1970)

The Dreamer is an early Cannon Films pick up that was directed by Dan Wolman and entered into the 1970 Cannes Film Festival, which features prominently in the advertising. Wolman also directed the Cannon films Nana, the True Key of Pleasure; Baby LoveMaid In Sweden and Up Your Anchor, so he’s a connection between the Dewey-Friedland and Golan-Globus versions of Cannon.

Eli (Tuvia Tavi) is a handyman at an old folks home that is content to be the adopted son of one of the elderly ladies named Rachel (Berta Litvina). Yet when he falls for a young girl (Liora Rivlin), he forgets about painting portraits of Rachel and gets horizontal with his new lady — those love scenes may be why Cannon picked this up.

I kind of love that this played the Manor in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood:

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