CANNON MONTH 2: All Together Now (1970)

The only film from director William Louis Allan, who co-wrote this with Gayle Greene, this is an early Cannon film from their art/softcore days.

Listed as a House on 69th Street Production, hardly anyone in this movie did a single film other than this one. All I have to go by — I’m struggling to find this — is a synopsis: Marsha’s immature, and animalistic husband neglects and mistreats her, so she throws herself into an affair with a French man, but still doesn’t find the love she seeks. Determined that no woman will have the barren life that se has, she begins to write her own sex novels. To make her novels even better, she meets with a female doctor who is an expert in the field of sexuality. She’s seduced by the doctor and uses that for one of her books, but after suffering through writer’s block, Marsha ends up taking her own life because these old adult films need a square up reel because women certainly can’t have ownership of their own sexuality. Ugh — my least favorite part of these films.

It’s listed in some places as a Swedish/U.S. co-production, which would make sense with the majority of Cannon’s content at this point. I did find a really cool Japanese poster, though.

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