Tales from the Darkside episode 10: “Djinn, No Chaser”

Based on a Harlan Ellison story, directed by Shelley Levinson and written by Haskell Barkin, this episode has Danny Squires (Charles Levin) in a lunatic wing explaining how his wife Connie (Coleen Camp) had bought an old lamp that brought a djinn (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) into their lives. Nothing good has happened since that day.

Sadly, this episode is one of the sillier episodes and not in the best of ways. It’s wacky humor with a payoff that is an even bigger groaner. It’s as if all the issues of Danny in a straihtjacket don’t matter because of how easily everything comes together at the end.

Look, they can’t all be winners on Tales from the Darkside.

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