CANNON MONTH: Baby Love (1983)

If you’re going to do every Cannon movie, you’re going to end up doing nearly every Lemon Popsicle movie.

Somehow, this is the fifth movie in the series — Lemon PopsicleGoing SteadyHot Bubblegum and Private Popsicle proceed this, with Private Maneuvers being a side story, and then you follow that with Up Your AnchorYoung LoveSummertime Blues and Lemon Popsicle: The Party Goes On — and for some reason, I feel like I need to see every one of them.

Dan Wolman, who also directed Nana and Up Your Anchor for Cannon, steps in for Boaz Davidson, who co-wrote the script with Wolman and Eli Tavor, who was involved with nearly all of the movies in the series.

Benzi/Benny (Yftach Katzur), Momo/Bobby (Jonathan Segal) and Yudale/Johnny (Zachi Noy) are back and this time, Benzi is in love with Momo’s sister Ginny (Stefanie Petsch) and that means the two friends soon turn into enemies. Bea Fiedler, who was in Jess Franco’s Linda, plays a dental hygenist who is, of course, as into sex as the boys. As a former centerfold for German Playboy, one imagines that she’s in these movies because they were as big in that country as their native Israel.

As always with these movies, there’s a huge soundtrack to go with all of the sexual shenanigans, with everything from “Tiger” by Fabian, “The Girl Can’t Help It” by Little Richard, “Apache” by The Cherokees and “Only Sixteen” by Sam Cooke in the movie. If those last two songs sound problematic to you, you may not want to watch any of this movie.

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