CANNON MONTH: The Big Tease (1984)

Ha-Meticha Ha’Gdola AKA The Big Tease: Here Comes Another One is pretty much Candid Camera in Tel Aviv. Made by Yehuda Barkan and Yigal Shilon — Barkan had already made another movie like this, Hayeh Ahaltah Otah — this has a UFO land in the middle of the city, an ATM that speaks English and a woman auditioning for a movie who is asked to get topless.

Barkan would also make Nipagesh BasivuvCrazy Camera and Smell and Smile (Kompot Na’alyim), other movies that would follow the same formula. He was also in Charlie Ve’hetzi, a comedy directed by Boaz Davidson, so that may be where the Cannon relationsip came in.

Anat Zachor, who shows up in this, is also in another Cannon movie, America 3000.

Look, you don’t need to watch this. You know, unless you’re the kind of lunatic that says, “I’m going to watch every movie Cannon ever made.”

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