CANNON MONTH 2: Fifty/Fifty (1992)

Jake Wyer (Peter Weller) and Sam French (Robert Hays) are mercenaries who have been recruited by CIA agent Martin (director Charles Martin Smith) to overthrow a power-mad Tenggaran dictator named Bosavi (Dom Magwili).

Weller and Hays were not the first actors picked for the film, as originally this was a Chuck Norris and Michael Dudikoff team-up, then a film that would either team Sylvester Stallone with Kurt Russell or Eddie Murphy.

This was director Charles Martin Smith’s follow-up to Trick or Treat (he also made Air Bud and Dolphin Tale) and he was working from a script by Dennis Shryack (Hero and the TerrorThe Car) and Michael Butler (The GauntletThe Don Is Dead).

Somehow, even in the 90s, this movie is way down on the way the CIA gets involved around the world. And sure, it’s a Cannon action movie — Weller blows up some sharks with a rocket launcher — but death and politics are treated with the darkness that they deserve. It’s an interesting film and I can’t imagine what it would have been like as a straight action movie.

Weller and Hayes had both kind of been stars by this point, so this is a weird movie for them to get involved in. It also has no relation to the Boaz Davidson movie Fifty Fifty. I just imagine Yoram liked that term a lot.

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