CANNON MONTH 2: Keaton’s Cop (1990)

EDITOR’S NOTE: For another take on this one, check this out.

Directed by Robert Burge (he also made Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter) and written by Michael B. Druxman (who was an uncredited writer on She-Freak), this film creates a buddy cop dynamic — for a time — between Lee Majors as Mike Gable and Don Rickles as Jake Barber.

Ex-mobster Louis Keaton (Abe Vigoda) was living a quiet life in a retirement home before he was nearly killed by a hit. Someone is trying to kill seniors for some reason and when Barber gets killed, Gable must team with Keaton — ah, Keaton’s Cop — and find the real killer.

Somehow, Art LaFleur is playing Captain Sears from Cobra in this, but he’s called Detective Ed Hayes. Tracy Brooks Swope plays the love interest while the big bad — BIg Mama, actually — is played by June Wilkinson, whose second Playboy centerfold was shot by Russ Meyer. While never a Playmate, she appeared in the magazine seven times. She’s also in Macumba Love and Florida Connection, a movie that she made with her husband at the time, Dan Pastorini, who was an NFL quarterback for the Houston Oilers and Oakland Raiders. If you ever see Burge’s Vasectomy: A Delicate Matter, she’s in that as well. Oh yeah — she’s also in Sno-Line, so maybe she was just staying in Texas and taking whatever movies got made there, which makes me wonder how she never wandered into an Andy Sidaris film.

There’s an actor on IMDB who claims that this movie has an “orange tint to it. You see, the film used to shoot the movie was apparently old and developed improperly in spots throughout the film…that’s the inside word anyway.”

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