CANNON MONTH 2: Doin’ Time on Planet Earth (1988)

Directed by Walter Matthau’s son Charles and written by a pre-90210Melrose Place and Sex In the City Darren Star, Doin’ Time On Planet Earth is about Ryan Richmond (Nicholas Strouse), who lives with his family in the Holiday Inn with a spinning restaurant on top that they own in Arizona.

Looking for a date for his brother’s wedding takes him to a computer dating service where he discovers that he’s an alien living on Earth, a fact confirmed by Charles and Edna Pinsky (Adam West and Candice Azzara, wearing a beehive hairdo that’s also a bird cage), who go even further to proclaim Ryan as the alien prince destined to lead his people home.

Roddy McDowell plays a preacher, Paula Irvine (Liz from Phantasm 2) shows up and Hugh O’Brien (one of the dads from Twins), Maureen Stapleton and Dominick Brascia (Evil LaughFriday the 13th: Part V, the director of Hard Rock Nightmare) appear.

It’s a strange coming of age science fiction mix that never really seems to go anywhere, but if you can say anything about Cannon, they at least allowed filmmakers to do something even if it didn’t always work out.

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