SLASHER MONTH: Hard Rock Nightmare (1988)

Dominick Brascia was Joey in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, as well as writing and directing Evil Laugh and this film. He moved into radio and sadly died in 2018. But hey — he did three slashers, counting this one, so let’s take a look.

When John was a little kid, his grandfather would constantly tell him that he was a vampire, so he did what I would have as a child. He grabbed a stake and dropped that bloodsucker. Except, you know, his grandfather was just joking and as a result, John grew up in a mental hospital.

But hey, things worked out OK. Now he’s in a rock and roll band and once the cops tell him they’re too loud for the garage, he heads to the house his grandmother left him. That said, his bandmates are getting killed off one by one, possibly by a werewolf who was once his grandfather, so maybe things aren’t so great.

So I guess the Bad Boys are never going to make it, despite their willingness to sound more like Bryan Adams than you’d expect from a movie with hard rock in the title and wear women’s lingerie.

Actually, this movie is a lot like Rock ‘N’ Roll Nightmare, except you don’t get to see Thor fight a demon or drive around for 35 minutes. If I was making a scale of metal horror films, with Trick or Treat as the top of the scale, I’d probably use this as the bottom. It is also no Black Roses, Rocktober Blood or Blood Tracks, either.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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