Polvos mágicos (1979)

Arturo (Alfredo Landa) and Paco (Vincenzo Crocitti) have arrived at the castle where Paco’s wedding to Sulfurina (Carmen Villani) is to be held, but it turns out that she’s a witch.

Imagine The Fearless Vampire Killers with tons more sex and you get this movie, directed and co-written (with Mauro Ivaldi, who directed and wrote Emmanuelle’s Silver Tongue) by José Ramón Larraz.

This has some Italian in it — the Stelvio Cipriani score is quite nice. And there’s an attractive cast with Eliza Montes (99 Women), María Vico (The Legend of Blood Castle), Carmen de Lirio (Mata-Hari from Operation Mata-Hari and Jess Franco’s Marquis de Sade’s Justine), Trini Alonso (The Killer Is One of 13) and Assumpta Serna, who would one day play Lirio, the shop owner from The Craft.

There’s plenty of sex — it’s Larraz — often in this one near coffins or inside them.

It’s not the director’s final hour, but not necessarily his nadir. It’s more Satanic hijinks presented as a farce where Black Candles is much more serious; between the foggy homes of London and the castles of Spain, Larras sees the devil and hot sweaty lovemaking everywhere he looks.

And check out the posters for the alternate title, Lady Lucifera.

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