The 1981 Drive-In Asylum Yearbook is here!

The new issue of Drive-In Asylum is now available!

The sixth DIA special issue — the 1981 Yearbook Special — celebrates our faves of this stellar year in fantastic films – Scanners, Halloween II, Strange Behavior, Dead & Buried, Wolfen, Scared to Death, The Hand and many more.

72 pages — with a full color cover and black & white pages inside, some pages printed on colored paper, 5.5 x 8.5 inches in size — packed with reviews and ad galleries, all dedicated to movies birthed in 1981, including a gallery of films that were reissued that year with different names. Plus Big Bad Daddy Wolf and Unkle Spooky both give us countdowns of their fave 1981 screamers.

72 pages In this issue, I wrote a way too long breakdown — with painted art — of the movie that introduced America to ninjas, Enter the Ninja! Plus, there’s even more art from me inside this issue!

Order yours now!

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