Spogliamoci così, senza pudor (1976)

The title may translate as Let’s undress like this, without shame, but this movie is Sex With a Smile II and it’s directed by Sergio Martino and directed by Sandro Continenza (The Living Dead At Manchester Morgue) and Italian comedian Raimondo Vianello.

Unlike the first film, there’s no Marty Feldman or Edwige Fenech, but there are Ursula Andress and Barbara Bouchet. So that’s a pretty nice trade, I guess.

In “The Detective,” a private detective and his assistant (Aldo Maccione and Alvaro Vitali) try to make money off of a jealous husband (Benito Artesi) who is sure that his wife (Ria De Simone) is cheating on him.

“The Football Team” has Dante Zatteroni (Enrico Montesano), a soccer player kicked out for his rough style, plays for a female team with some success.

“The Trojan Wardrobe” is about film producer Giangi Busacca (Alberto Lionello) and his marriage to the rich Violante (Barbara Bouchet) and in an affair with Françoise (Nadia Cassini). He has a plan to keep getting money from his wife and sex from his mistress, but it doesn’t work out.

Finally, in “One Step to Paradise,” Marco (Johnny Dorelli) and Marina (Ursula Andress) are trying to sleep together while her husband won’t just leave and let them consummate their affair.

While I prefer Martino’s giallo and horror films, this is a goofy and fun Italian sex comedy. Andress is really good in it and there are plenty of ridiculous comedic situations.

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