L’insegnante (1975)

The Schoolteacher is the first of the five-film Insegnante series, three of which have Edwige Fenech in the lead (the others have Nadia Cassini and Anna Maria Rizzoli). The story is always pretty simple and as they say, ne derivano cose stupide.

Fefe Mottola (Vittorio Caprioli) wants his son Franco (Alfedo Pea) to graduate, so he hires a private tutor, Giovanna Pagaus* (Fenech). As you may have learned from watching her in oh so many commedia sexy all’italiana movies, the very existence of Edwige Fenech is enough to send men into fits of foaming at the mouth. Franco realizes that he can’t be around her without incident, so he tries to convince her that he’s gay. And yes, that’s worrisome but this is a 1975 Italian sex comedy and this kind of thing tends to happen.

Director Nando Cicero made twenty movies of this quality while writers Tito Carpi (Thor the Conqueror, Tentacles) and Francesco Milizia (The TeasersErotic Exploits of a Sexy Seducer, so many other movies where gorgeous women destroy men’s wills and teenage boys have fart-related issues) made plenty more films. That said, this is a fine film for this genre, which is quite simple and obviously rather silly, but there are worse things than watching Edwige Fenech for 95 minutes.

*Giovanna comes from Fenech’s other big sex comedy success, Giovanna Long-Thigh.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

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