Messo comunale praticamente spione (1982)

Better known as Emanuelle in the Country — because Laura Gemser is in it — this movie has Emanuelle (Gemser) arriving to be a doctor in a small Italian village. Italian men are complete libido-driven pigs — I can say that, I know — and they start acting like Tex Avery characters when they’re near her.

I realize that this is not connected to the other Gemser Black Emanuelle films because nobody watches snuff footage or eats a nurse. Mario Bianchi may have made Nightmare In Venice and The Murder Secret, but he’s no Joe D’Amato. I mean, that’s not fair to even make that comparison because my love for D’Amato is nearly infinite. But still. You have Laura Gemser and you put her in a sad small town and this is the best you can do?

Because if either Laura Gemser or Joe asked me to loan them a lot of money, I would do it. Especially Joe, because he’d be a ghost and I wish I could hang out with his sleazy specter.

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