Death Hunt (2022)

Developer Ray (Omar Tucci) and his mistress Brooke (Marlene Malcolm) run afoul of a cop named Gary (Greg Johnston) and his friends TJ (Terry McDonald) and Rick (Rick Amsbury), who go from bothering the couple to putting them through a most dangerous game before we discover than somehow Brooke is better with guns than anyone in this film.

There’s one surprising moment where Brooke is sure the men will assault her. And they reply, “No, we’re married.” I mean, they’ll still kill her. But they have morals.

Marlene Malcolm goes all out in this and if this were the 90s, I’d be looking for her to be in a whole series of direct to video action movies. Here’s hoping she gets to accomplish whatever is the same thing in 2022. She’s talented.

Death Hunt is available on VOD and DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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