Tales from the Darkside episode 6: “Slippage”

Michael Gornick, who directed this episode, ran camera on The Amusement Park and Knightriders, is the voice of Barry the talk show host in Martin, was the DP of that movie as well as Dawn of the DeadCreepshow and Day of the Dead and went on to direct episodes of this show, Monsters and took over from George Romero for Creepshow 2.

In this installment, he’s working from a script by Mark Durand and Michael Kube-McDowell to tell the story of Rich Hall (David Patrick Kelly, Jerry Horne from Twin Peaks), is a commercial artist who begins to fade away. The company he just interviewed with doesn’t remember him, his wife Elaine (Kerry Armstrong) doesn’t even have his name on their car and even his mother no longer knows who he is.

These things could all happen at once and it’d be fine, but the succession by which they’re happening means that something supernatural is behind this.

The idea that you could disappear — not physically, but literally go away — is one of the most frightening things ever considered on this show. Some of the episodes get silly, some just have a rubber suit monster, but this one understands how to terrify you with a nearly real concept.

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