Double Duty (2009)

A decade after her action film efforts, former pro wrestler Mimi Lesseos co-wrote another film, a movie in which she plays MJ, a career Marine who suddenly is no longer on active duty and must become part of the civilian world.

This could be a quiet study of PTSD and how the military doesn’t prepare its soldiers for anything other than killing. But instead, Mimi can’t get a man so she gets hypnotized into being able to become a sex kitten at the snap of someone’s fingers, so this feels like a Harry Novak movie plot yet never gets sleazy.

Also: Tom Sizemore is her love interest.

Also also: Connie Stevens is in this.

Also also also: Karen Black is in this?!?

The end credits play over a song called “Ms. Mimi” written and performed by Mimi. Sadly, this is her last movie and I honestly want more. So much more. I want a movie where she and Cynthia Rothrock fight for a good 78 minutes.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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