Santo en la venganza de la momia (1971)

Only in a Santo movie can you find a masked wrestler go from a match in Arena Mexico to being part of Professor Romero’s journey to explore some ancient ruins. Yes, imagine you are a famous learned man and you say, “My mummy expedition needs a chef, a doddering professor, a manly hunter, his grandson Agapito (shh…that’s El Hijo del Santo without his mask) for comic relief, two attractive ladies and oh yeah — Santo.”

The professor is looking for the body of Nonoca, an Apache prince who had a forbidden affair with the intended sacrifice Lua, making her impure before she is killed for the gods. Both are killed and mummified and the Universal Monster gods are pleased. Like morons, the archaeological party ignores the curse and takes the necklace off the mummy and this soon becomes a slasher as the back from the dead Nonoca shoots nearly everyone with arrows, but only after Santo has a match against a panther.

Within this movie, someone states that fear is a bitch and Santo tells the grieving Agapito that men don’t cry. He also dresses in a safari outfit when it’s blazing hot out and never takes off his mask and wears a belt over his safari shirt. I would honestly kill a human being if Santo asked me to.

Santo’s battle against the mummified form of Nonoca was his 31st movie, directed by the dependable René Cardona Sr. who made one of the best Santo movies, Santo en el Tesoro de Drácula.

There’s a twist ending and I’m fine with it, as sometimes the supernatural exists in Santo’s world and sometimes it doesn’t. No matter what, Santo gets back to Arena Mexico and back to tapping out rudos like Goliat Ayala with his La de a Caballo.

An interesting note: Santo’s tag partner in the opening match against Gori Casanova (who lost his hair twice to El Enmascarado de Plata) and Dik Angelo (who lost his mask to Santo), El Rebelde, did many of his stunts in 17 films. He would go on to lose his mask to Ultraman and achieve even greater fame as Charles Bronson Mexicano due to, you guessed it, his resemblance to Charles Bronson.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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