Beyond Fear (1993)

As we all know. “Magnificent” Mimi Lesseos went from wrestling fame to her own self-made movies. She’s Tipper Taylor this time, a former martial arts champion who quit fighting after accidentally paralyzing her best friend. Now, she works with Sammy (Verrel Reed, who was in Pushed to the Limit with Mimi) and tries to keep her father’s business T.T. Hiking Tours & Excursions in business.

So how do we get from nature walks to ass kicking vengeance? Well, one of Mimi’s clients, Vince Paige (Robert Axelrod, Death Wish 4) films a prostitute being killed by two maniacs named Boar and Jack when they can’t decide who gets to climb up on her first. Also — why do Tipper and Sammy have their clients staying at the Pike View Motel instead of glamping in the woods?

Of course, these two bother all of the rest of Tipper’s party yet there’s never any real danger because she repeatedly kicks their asses. As the trailer says, “Mimi believes in women’s rights… lefts and uppercuts” so expect her to dominate these two oafs and keep everyone on the hiking trail. The last fight lasts nearly the entire last quarter of the movie and it’s worth all the soap opera it takes to get there.

Director and co-writer Robert F. Lyons only made two other movies films — Dreamers and My Bonneville — but he acted in everything from Black Oak Conspiracy and The Ghost of Flight 401 to Death Wish 2 (he was Fred McKenzie), Dark Night of the Scarecrow10 to Midnight, Avenging AngelMurphy’s Law and Platoon Leader.

I like Mimi’s movies, even if she would have been better served by being in more films in a supporting role or having someone else in charge. If that happened maybe thigs wouldn’t feel quite so weird in a great way and I wouldn’t care so much, so I just talked myself out of my advice for her.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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