Avenging Angel (1985)

Betsy Russell stepped into the role of Molly “Angel” Stewart for the second movie in this series as  the producers could not meet Donna Wilkes’ salary demands. This would start the trend of a new Angel in each movie.

This time, our little girl has grown up and is in law school. She learns that Lieutenant Andrews (no longer played by Cliff Gorman, now it’s Robert F. Lyons), the cop who got her off the streets, has been killed. Luckily, her old street family are all around and played by the same great performers as the original, with Steven M. Porter as Yo-Yo Charlie, Rory Calhoun as Kit Carson and Susan Tyrrell as Solly.

Only one person knows who killed Andrews and that’s another street performer named Johnny Glitter (Barry Pearl, Grease). It turns out there’s a scheme to buy up Hollywood Boulevard and Andrews got caught in the middle. Solly also has a baby that she found and that infant gets caught up in the craziness, nearly getting killed in a shootout and then almost thrown off a building. Avenging Angel has no qualms about being a neon-soaked nightmare world of street people with hearts of gold shooting, killing and playing Weekend at Bernie’s with dead mobsters, much less babies being constantly in death’s grasp.

There’s also product placement — in an exploitation movie! — for Adidas.

Avenging Angel was written and directed by Robert Vincent O’Neil, who in addition to writing the first movie, also wrote Vice Squad, which is a thematically similar and perhaps better movie, as well as Wonder WomenDeadly Force and the third film in this series. He also directed the first film in this series and Blood Mania.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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