Si può fare… amigo (1972)

A Spanish, French and Italian co-production, It Can Be Done Amigo was also called Saddle Tramps, which is a wonderful nom de plume for a movie. It also was called Bulldozer is Back AmigoHallelujah Amigo and The Big and the Bad.

Bud Spencer is Hiram Coburn and he’s very similar to the Bambino character that he became known for in the Trinity series. He’s being pursued by Sonny (Jack Palance), a gunfighter and procurer of women of ill repute who is upset that Coburn took his sister Mary’s (Davy Saval, Moon Pilot) virginity without marrying her. As part of their constant battles, the two meet an orphan named Chip who is soon fighting off the offers to buy the house he inherited from his uncle by a priest called Franciscus (Francisco Rabal), who soon brings in Sonny and Mary, then marries off Coburn to the pregnant young girl. Sonny tells Coburn that when his son becomes 21, he will finally shoot him. Hijinks, as they say, ensue.

How self-referential had Italian westerns become by 1972? This movie was shot on McBain ranch set from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West. Bud Spencer’s character says, “So this is the famous well” in reference to the well that caused the railroad to be built so close to that farm.

This is a movie that has a farm with mud people like to eat and where Bud Spencer puts on glasses every time he has to fight someone. If you haven’t gotten into the silly side of Italian westerns, your enjoyment of this may or may not occur.

It Can Be Done, Amigo was directed by Maurizio Lucidi (The Designated Victim) and written by Rafael Azcona from a story by Ernesto Gastaldi.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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