Arizona Colt (1966)

Known in Italy as Il pistolero di Arizona (The Arizona Gunslinger) and L’uomo venuto dal nulla (The Man from Nowhere), this film has quite a setup in the soundtrack: “He came out of nowhere, with no one beside him. He rode out of the sunrise all alone. A man out of nowhere, with no one to love him. His one faithful companion was his gun. No one could say, just where he came from. No one could say, where he was going. Was he a man without a heart, a man with a heart made of stone…”

Torrez Gordon Watch (Fernando Sancho) is breaking prisoners out of jail and telling them to join his Sidewinder Gang or die. Somehow, Arizona Colt (Giuliano Gemma) gets out alive. He gets involved with the gang again when a member named Clay Clay (Giovanni Pazzafini) murders a girl named Dolores (Rosalba Neri) who recognizes him. After the gang robs another bank, her father — the banker — realizes that the criminal that stole all the money in town is also the man who killed his daughter. He hires Arizona to stop the gang and get revenge for the low price of $500 and his other daughter’s vow of marriage.

If you enjoyed Giuliano Gemma as Ringo, you’ll really like this. He’s totally sarcastic, plays jokes on the gang and then gets deadly serious when it’s time to kill them off. He even orders a glass of milk at the bar, just like Ringo! Of course, he’s told they only have beer, so he grabs a mug. There’s also a lot of similarity to Django, as Colt’s hands and leg are injured and he must relearn how to be a gunfighter.

Director Michele Lupo also made The Weekend Murders. This was written by the master of all Italian film writers, Ernesto Gastaldi, along with Luciano Martino, who produced so many films with his brother Sergio, helped write Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key amongst many other films and romanced Wandisa Guida, Edwige Fenech and Olga Bisera.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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