Alone in the Neon Jungle (1988)

This tale of Suzanne Pleshette fighting corruption in the Pittsburgh police force — seven years before the murder by cops of Jonny Gammage, never forget — was something I’d hoped would be a Yinzer giallo, but instead it’s simply a by the book TV movie where she takes over a police station dahntahn and roots out the bad apples.

It does, however, have a great shot of her Mount Washington deck and Tony Shalhoub drinking at the Cricket Lounge during the day and one would assume that’s because his character knows that’s when the money-strapped students of Pitt University come to tryouts. I wouldn’t speak from experience.

This was also called Command In Hell and that better be a reference to Pittsburgh being called Hell with the Lid Off and not an insult. It’s bad enough that they call Liberty Avenue “The Sewer” and never even make it to Chez Kimberly.

Danny Aiello is the chief of police, long before he got famous, and nobody in this movie looks, sounds or acts like they are from Pittsburgh.

It’s directed by George Stafford Brown, who was Officer Terry Webster on the 70s cop drama The Rookies, and written by Mark Rogers (the Police Story TV movies) and Stephen Downing, who wrote for T.J. HookerPolice Woman and Emergency.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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