In the Company of Darkness (1993)

Policewoman Gina Pulasky (Helen Hunt) gets accepted like you’d expect a rookie female cop to be accepted by a group of older and gruffer male officers, but then she proves that she can do more than get coffee and be harassed when she handles a domestic disturbance well and shows an affinity for undercover work. She’s also in a romance of sorts with already married cop Will McCaid (Jeff Fahey) and finds herself strangely attracted to the child killer suspect she’s interacting with, Kyle Timler (Steven Weber). A fry cook who is smarter than that job would indicate, she starts working as a waitress and uses her abusive past to connect with him. But soon, she finds herself losing her own identity and perhaps her morals as she gives in and becomes McCaid’s lover.

Directed by David Anspaugh (HoosiersRudy) and written by John Leekley (the creator of Kindred: The Embraced and Wolf Lake, as well as The Omen TV movie), this film gives Hunt a great opportunity to play multiple characters within one role. It’s a solid TV movie and a reminder of a time when films of this quality would be on regular TV every week.

You can watch this on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “In the Company of Darkness (1993)

  1. I can’t wait to check this out. Just another reason to love YouTube!

    Recently saw Helen Hunt in I See You (2019). Her face is almost unrecognizable as a result of cosmetic procedures. Perhaps, she goes to Mickey Rourke’s doctor.


  2. Caught this movie late night on Sky in the UK. Liked it a lot and kept my eyes peeled there would be a DVD release somewhere along the lines but never found it in the UK. Thought it would have been more prominent given Hunt was on her way to stardom and Fahey and Weber’s names carried some weight.


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