Hell of the Screaming Undead (2021)

First off, the cover art for this film echoes a Bruno Mattei film, so instantly my heart is filled with love and joy. And I’m happy to report that the movie inside — yes, I have a physical copy and you can get yours from SCS — lives up to that aesthetic while also shambling one undead foot into allowing the Eurohorror synth play loud and images to take over the aesthetic, shifting this into absolute movie Fulci territory by the end.

A virus from New Guinea has transformed the streets of Los Angeles into a feeding ground for the walking dead, which gives convicts Warren (Robert Allen Mukes, House of 1000 Corpses)  and Trapper (Ken May, Hollywood Werewolf) make their way to the Valley Relics Museum — an amazing place that collects, preserves, interprets and presents the history of The San Fernando Valley through the objects that it has created, such as BMX bikes and neon signage — to kidnap Mary (Jennifer Nangle, who is also Malvolia the Queen of Screams) and Heather (Traci Burr). As the undead begin attacking outside, they soon find themselves joining forces in an attempt to stay alive.

Director and writer Dustin Ferguson puts out a movie every time you type his name, but that’s a good thing as he actually improves with each film of his that I watch. I love that he has a steady crew that he works with (Lynn Lowry appears as Mary’s mother and Mel Novak is Governor Patrick Adams), as well as nice hints of his inspirations by naming one character Dr. Mattei and having a bar scene that reminds one of City of the Living Dead.

At just around an hour runtime, this movie also doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s got some decent gore, neat video effects and yeah, that music is toe tapping. Here’s to more wildness from Dustin. Can’t wait to see what he makes next!

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