Ten Tubi picks (week 5)

It’s week 5 of our Tubi picks. Yes, there’s so much to watch on this amazing free app and I’m ready to help you find the weirdest stuff on it.

Here are ten more picks. Want to share yours with me? Just reply below.

1. Tokyo Gore Police: TUBI LINK

Bring an umbrella, don’t eat before and watch your eyeballs: this movie is literally under blood there’s so much gore. I mean, it’s the film’s middle name! Eihi Shiina is most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen with a giant lobster claw hand and glowing cybernetic eye and if she has to chop up every monster in Japan, she’s going to get it done.

2. Bad Channels: TUBI LINK

Full Moon didn’t used to make bad movies. They once made deranged movies about aliens, all night polka marathons, miniaturized people and music videos. Bonus for letting Blue Oyster Cult do most of the music. Becca says, “It’s wonderfully weird.”

3. The Sister of Ursula: TUBI LINK

Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi, Suspiria) and Dagmar (Stefania D’Amario, Zombie) decide to escape to the seaside resort town Amalfi which is filked with the wrong guys, the wrong girls, the wrong couples and a killer who tears people apart with the biggest member this side of Incubus.

4. Firecracker: TUBI LINK

Jillian Kesner from Raw Force battles and beds Darby Hintor from Malibu Express in a movie where people watch battles to the death as dinner theater. It’s made by Cirio H. Santiago, it’s a video nasty and it’s incredible.

5. My Name Is Nobody: TUBI LINK

Jack Beauregard (Henry Fonda) is a gunslinger who wants to retire. Nobody (Terence Hill) dreams of being better than Beauregard and plans on taking out all 150 members of Geoffrey Lewis’ gang. This is one of my favorite Italian westerns and a great introduction to Hill if you’ve never seen him before.

6. Night Killer: TUBI LINK

How did this get to be five weeks of a continued article on this site and I didn’t bring up this movie? Oh man. I’m not warning you. Just get ready to get destroyed by this one.

7. Death Drop Gorgeous: TUBI LINK

Prepare yourself for a slasher world that we haven’t seen nearly ever: a campy, gay-positive glitter, makeup neon and booze and gore-filled saga that never lets up.

8. Powaqqatsi: TUBI LINK

Directed by Godfrey Reggio, Powaqqatsi is the sequel to Reggio’s Koyaanisqatsi and the second film in the Qatsi trilogy. This is one of the few, if only, Cannon movies in the Criterion Collection. It’s also the only Golan and Globus released film with a Phillip Glass soundtrack.

9. Backtrack: TUBI LINK

Dennis Hopper directed this movie but let it get the Alan Smithee name because he wasn’t happy with it, but let me tell you, it’s seriously out there in the way that only he could make it. I tend to give Hopper way more credit than most but it also has Vincent Price and a subplot about installation art and advertising.

10. Grave Robbers: TUBI LINK

Satanic axe murderer gets reborn and wipes out a whole bunch of kids and makes me go nuts every time I watch this movie, because it’s like Ruben Galindo Jr. watched five hundred Mexican movies while mainlining some kid’s hyperactivity pills and then forced all of his friends to make whatever was inside his head. It’s even better than that.

If you’re looking for more movies on Tubi, click on our Letterboxd list. You can also send us your picks and we’ll share on the site.

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