Tōkyō Zankoku Keisatsu (2008)

You know how Videodrome would destroy the brains of those that watched it? Yeah, that’s exactly what this movie is.

While working on special effects for The Machine Girl, Media Blasters asked director Yoshihiro Nishimura if he was interested in making another movie. He decided to take his short Anatomia Extinction and expand it into this film, which more than lives up to its title of Tokyo Gore Police. It has plenty of influence from RoboCop, which is seen through the commercial scenes in the film, which were filmed by Noboru Iguchi and Yūdai Yamaguchi.

In the future — let’s call it 200X — Japan is overpopulated. That’s why a mad scientist (Itsuji Itao) has created a virus that transforms humans into mutants called Engineers that kill everything in their path. The privatized Tokyo Police Force has started a team of Engineer Hunters and this special force is devoted to violence, sadism and executions with no trials.

Joining them is a loner named Ruka (Eihi Shiina, who was a fashion model before movies like this and Takeshi Miike’s Audition) who excels at destroying Engineers before the scientist implants her with a tumor that makes her one of them. Meanwhile, as policemen are being turned into them, the commissioner announces that anyone even suspected of being an Engineer will be killed.

Ruka makes her way to the scientist’s — known as Key Man — home, where he explains that her father had actually adopted her after assassinating her activist father. When he went to the commissioner to find out why, he was killed in front of Key Man, who has injected himself with the DNA of Japan’s most famous criminals.

Runa goes to war with the police, her left arm mutating into an alien appendage and her eye being replaced when it is shot. The commissioner confesses to killing her father, but says that he has tried to apologize by making her the perfect killing machine. She responds by slicing him apart and decapitating him.

If you read our site, you know that I have seen some things, but man, Tokyo Gore Police has moments of bloody excess and utter depravity that have shocked even me. There’s not a moment of this movie that isn’t filled with sprayed blood, destroyed body parts that would make Cronenberg wince and berserk sexuality. I mean, big points for the flying samurai commissioner who uses spraying blood like a jet to fly himself around the room and attack with his inner organs. Also, Eihi Shiina is most gorgeous person you’ve ever seen to sport a giant lobster claw hand and a glowing cybernetic eye. She doesn’t have any competition, but no one is going to steal the title from her. And man, I loved that she liberated the commissioner’s gimp sex slave, gave her machine guns for body parts and has brought her on board at the end.

This is the kind of film that will ruin you for anything else you try to watch that day. Or that week. Seeing as how I watched it on January 1, here’s hoping that other movies can come close to it this year.

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