TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Bad Influence (2022)

That Tubi exclusive box is like some kind of drug and here I am at 5 AM when the world sleeps soundly and I’m watching a Lifetime-style movie in which former Beverly Hills 90210 star Jennie Garth plays Joan Miller, a mom whose daughter Lily (Devin Cecchetto)  is acting up and then that acting up goes too far, far enough to be in one of these movies.

That acting up brings her into the orbit of Violet Lawrence (Kayleigh Shikanai) who lives with maybe her mom but probably not, has a bad girl rep and who also is way into this not NXVIM thought process called Zenith that’s definitely all about screwing over anyone that gets in your way.

This is the first film for director William Corcoran, who worked in visual effects for the movie Hot Pursuit and the series Fargo and Cleverman. It’s not the first time around for writer Adam Rockoff, who was the screenwriter for the 2010 I Spit On Your Grave, as well as movies like The Sinister Surrogate and multiple The Wrong… movies — Friend, Boy Next Door, Cheerleader, Tutor, House Sitter, Wedding PlannerStepfather, Cheerleader CoachReal Estate AgentFiancéPrince CharmiongCheer Captain — which are pretty much made for cable giallo when you think about it. He also wrote the book Going To Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, 1978-1986. He often uses the name Stuart Morse, which is a reference to The Redeemer: Son of Satan and proof that I want to be his friend.

This movie also has a threeway scene that’s made for basic cable where no one gets nude and everyone wakes up with their clothes on, interrupted with Garth continually calling her daughter. Wild stuff happens — teachers get screwed over, kids drink too much, people get branded like they’re playing volleyball with Keith Raniere with a creme brulee mini-torch, cops show up and shoot people in the back with no due process (well…) and you know, if you think your teenage daughter is dealing with a new town and the loss of her dad bad, you know, she totally is. She’s living up a pinky violence movie made for Tubi. This is torn from the headlines, people.

You can watch this on Tubi. I mean obviously. It’s a Tubi exclusive. Where else would you watch it? You know, Netflix is laying people off and demanding you stop giving your password out and Tubi is like, “You want to run five screens on your account? Do it. We have Jess Franco movies and lots of softcore porn in addition to all the stuff that we show in our ads and try and look classy” and I think they’re the evil mom Harper in this movie — but in the best of ways, I love you Tubi — giving you top shelf booze and letting you drink it in your house.

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