The Wrong Cheerleader (2019)

More power to David DeCoteau for making movies still after decades of directing. Most of his latest output has been a series of The Wrong… movies starring Vivica Fox like The Wrong ValentineThe Wrong Mr. RightThe Wrong Real Estate AgantThe Wrong StepfatherThe Wrong Teacher and so many more.

In this installment, Vivica is Coach Flynn, but the main story is all about one of her cheerleaders named Becky (Cristine Prosperi, who is also in Bring It On: Worldwide and The Wrong Neighbor and The Wrong Prince Charming), who falls for a boy named Rob who ends up trying to possess every moment of her existence.

How did I know that this, of all the movies on the set came from DeCoteau? Because for all the cheerleading girls, the majority of the action is focused on male abs. Hey — the dude knows what he likes and keeps making movies. More power to him.

Want more cheerleader movies? Then grab Lifetime’s new Cheer! Rally! Kill! 5-Film Collection, which features this movie and four others on DVD.

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