Sex Club International (1967)

Ah man, Barry Mahon. This time you’re buying into the Eurospy trend a few years too late and treating us to the tale of secret agent Lucky Bang Bang, who has been recruited to stop the mob who is trying to shake down a madame named Carol Kane.

Lucky is played by Lucky Kargo, who was also in Venus In FursThe Hookers, The Love Cult and did stunts for A Lovely Way to Die.

At this point in watching the Mahon films one after another for a week, you start to notice a warm, fuzzy drug haze as you enjoy them. Beehive hairdos, dialogue coming in from off-camera, outright mistakes being kept in the film no matter what, narration over all of this…it’s all the same, non-titillating titillation, the movies our grandparents were sure that would send them to hell and that would be practically tame on streaming these days.

But hey — Barry was there, he was looking to give the raincoaters whatever he could and make a dishonest buck. So there’s that. And there’s also 58 minutes in this movie that will feel like 29 hours.

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