Passionate Revenge (1996)

Also known as Friend of the Family II, this Fred Olen Ray film was written by Henry Krinkle, who also wrote Night Eyes 4, which seems like decent training for this movie.

And no, this has nothing to do with the first one other than its antagonist being played by the same actress.

Alex (Paul Michael Robinson) decided to have an affair with Linda (Penthouse Pet of the Month January 1992 Shauna O’Brien) while he’s on business in New Orleans. Somehow, she had a better flight than him, because when he gets back home, she’s already been hired as his family’s new nanny.

Nicholas Medina is, of course, Fred Olen Ray. He’s making his own Hand the Rocks the Cradle here, but that movie had more days to shoot, more of a budget and you know, more actual thought than this. It did not, however, have Shauna O’Brien or an ending where Alex’s wife yells, “Oh my God! Where’s the baby?”

I can hear you asking, “But did Gary Graver do the cinematography?”

Of course he did.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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