Bad Girls from Mars (1990)

Welcome to the meta world of Fred Olen Ray, as Bad Girls from Mars is about a movie called Bad Girls from Mars and all of the many things that go wrong during filming, including actresses being killed off by a masked killer, which as always pleases the Italian side of my DNA.

Even though the producers are making a killing — wokka wokka — from insurance payoffs, they keep making the movie and bring in Emanuelle (Edy Williams, the one-time wife of Russ Meyer) from Europe to be the lead. She’s out of control the moment she lands in Los Angeles and the killings just keep on happening.

Ray used the sets left over from Roger Corman’s The Masque of the Red Death to make Wizards of the Demon Sword. Before the sets were taken down — a second time — he wrote (with Equinox screenwriter Mark Thomas McGee) and shot Bad Girls from Mars in the day and $19,000 that he had left.

Corman would have been double proud.

Inspired by Hollywood Boulevard, there are references to Batgirls from Mars and bat symbols throughout the film. That’s because Ray was going to hire Adam West and Burt Ward, but they were busy that day.

Literally, that day.

Anyways, it’s a movie where Edy Wiliams says, “The smell of garbage turns me into a wild woman!” and Brinke Stevens plays a woman who’ll do anything to be a star. I may be projecting a bit, but I always think of Brinke as being the sweetest person, even when she’s being the evilest villain in a film. Like I just want to play with her hair, ask how her day was and make sure she’s feeling alright. Let other men obsess over sleeping with scream queens. I just want to be supportive.

You know, Gary Graver worked with Orson Welles and Fred Olen Ray. The difference — among many — was that Welles worked for decades to complete a film and Ray would knock off a few a month. You determine your success by your own values.

This is also called Emmanuelle Goes to Hollywood because that title sells.

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