TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Scariest Monsters In America (2022)

Chupacabra! Black-eyed children! The Oklahoma octopus! Rougarou! The Bell Witch! Jersey Devil! La Llorona! Wendigo! Mothman! Bigfoot! Yes, that Tubi exclusive fever hit me again and this time, I was in no way disappointed.

Written by Adam Meyer, this movie assembles a series of cryptozoological experts like folklore researcher Camille Acosta, researcher of the weird Chad Lewis, Cryptid Campfire podcast host Eli Watson, content creators Ashlynn Kamps, influencer Alyssa Phenix, folklore researchers Sara Burdoff and Zelia Edgar, retired FBI special agent John DeSouza, The Black Eyed Children writer David Weatherly, Nashville Demystified podcast host Alex Steed, Bell family descendent Kenneth Hayes, La Llorona: Ghost Stories of the Southwest author Rodarte, founder of the She-Squatchers Jen Kruse, a group of Bigfoot festivalgoers to discover just who or what is America’s scariest monster and my favorite talking head in this movie, The African American Folklorist podcast host Lamont Pearley Sr., who does a great job explaining so many of these creatures and his voice is a genuine joy to listen to!

If you’ve watched enough list-based shows on basic cable, you know what you’re getting into. That said, this is a tight and well-put-together show that breezes by and gives you just enough info to get excited about the subject or happy that your favorite cryptid has been included.

The whole black eyes children part had me freak out yet happy that I watched this at one in the afternoon instead of my normal one in the morning. I probably still won’t sleep all that well, which will allow me to write about more movies.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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